My work talks about how do we move through the physical space and how do we navigate in a world that is constantly changing. I started creating sanctuaries and shelters to feel safer in the new country to which I moved (United States). I found myself in a very different place from where I come from, I felt a lot of violence and inequality in my surrounding so I started to create my own spaces to escape from a reality I could not adjust.

Then I started to think about how those spaces are created by people. No matter how the space looks like or if it is in an idilic place, if the atmosphere does not match with the place.

I feel a great attachment to my home, my little island in Mallorca, but that place is nothing without the people who live there, my family and my friends. The ties, the dependencies, the fears, create an imaginary line that no matter how far away it is, I am tied to that distant point.

Every journey, every trip carries a risk. The wind forms a large part of my work, as it is life itself. The air, an unpredictable element, dances in the space sometimes in a harmonious way and other times in a hostile way. The way we move or stay in that space will direct to the next trajectory.

As a metaphor for sailing, if we know how to handle the winds, we will know how to direct ourselves to our ‘home’. Home can be anywhere with anybody.